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A financial advisor can help you answer these and other questions you may have.

Getting married When you get married, youll have to decide if, and how, you want to combine your finances.

But you dont have to face these challenges alone and by getting the help you need, when you need it, you can ease the transition from one stage of life to another.

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Getting divorced If you are fortunate, you wont ever experience a divorce, but, if it does happen, youll want to get the professional assistance necessary to ensure fair outcomes for everyone.

Youll obviously need to work with an attorney, but you may find that, in the area of investments, a financial advisor also can be useful.

If so, how much, and where should you invest your money?

Are the life and disability insurance policies offered by your employer sufficient for your needs?

And how should you invest in the plan offered by your new employer?Entering retirement As you near retirement, your key questions will switch but not entirely from putting money in to taking money out.How much can you withdraw each year from your 401(k) and IRA without running the risk of outliving your resources? If you were to work a couple of years longer than you had originally intended, how would it affect your withdrawal strategies?Again, a financial advisor can help you with these issues.As you can see, most important life events will carry some financial concerns.

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