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They are strong, do their own DIY and are not spoilt. which has become dangerously similar to that of men, it seems. A Belgian film director remarks: “She wants to be the boss and prefers to work with small men.” People also complain that Dutch women do not know how to flirt, only work part-time and put their children on a pedestal. On the contrary, she completely agrees with the criticism.

Dressed elegantly and wearing high heels herself, she says “The climate here does not help women dress more elegantly”. But in the summer you often see women wearing ugly cowboy boots with their short skirts.” She says it is not true that you can look tough and feminine at the same time.

“Ungainly, messy and unsociable.” These are a just a few of the 'qualities' of Dutch women, according to some foreigners.

Luckily they are also described as intelligent, not out for money and – last but not least – attractive.

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They are tall, blond, good-looking and 'well-built'. “All those pretty girls on bikes, with their open and positive expression and wearing little make-up,” sighs an Australian. How can they let their appearance go the way they do?

One British person calls them the “most beautiful girls on Earth”. They don’t wear jewellery or enough make-up, or brush their hair.

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A Greek gasps: “If God gives them such beauty, they should do something with it”.

The ‘polder’ woman appears to prefer not to wear high heels, but picks cumbersome flat boots instead, even in combination with a dress or skirt. So it is not surprising that chunky Australian Ugg shoes are so popular in the Netherlands, preferably combined with plain jeans and a T-shirt. All the women have short hair because “it is so practical”.

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