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That company owns the Ibanez and TAMA brands (as well as some other minor brands).

They are based in Japan, but also have a US subsidiary, Hoshino USA, headquartered in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Bridge is a replacement from Faber (Made in Germany) Cap is a black beauty, PIO. Serialnumber is stamped in the pickup cavity Reading 803030. If it still has the original pots you should be able to date it to the month of manufacture too. (an I played a lot of expensive guitars, trust me, a lot a lot..Gibson Custom Shop to small boutique luthers) And thank your for telling me at least the model and the range of production. Do you have any idea, where I can get some catalogues from Burny? Actually I think they used the same "nitro" like a lot of the japanese manufacturers in the high quality range It is some kind of aging nitro which gets old and yellow (see me white Les Paul Junior) but actually don't gets the cracking as seen in Gibsons. Mid 80s burny leses paul dating had brass baseplates and grey hookup wire for the pickups with either green or yellow ceramic caps.Hey Folks, I purchased an awesome Piece of guitar history. It weighs about 8 pounds, has a deep set neck, a great dark and thick rosewood Board, and an awesome neck profile, wide and fat. The laquer is thin with wood grain sneaking through and nicely fainted. Looks like a 1988 LJ-55, the rock n roll versions came out in 1986 and ended 1993 I think, Burny serials usually have the year has as the first number so can only be 1988. I was a little bit worried in the first, but when I played it...jeeeesssus I tell you. Even compared to my Greco EG 59-85, which I thought was one of the best guitars ever.It's this intricate relationship between distributor (Hoshino), brand (Ibanez) and factory (Fujigen) which makes for much of the initial confusion surrounding MIJ guitars and their origins.You see, Fujigen did not make Ibanez-branded guitars exclusively.

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