Dating in the workplace guidelines top 20 questions to ask a guy your dating site

Religion is a subject that should be treaded upon lightly at the office, and even more so in interviews.Protect yourself from overstepping the boundaries but still get the information you need with these questions.It's crucial to do this before you disclose your relationship to anyone, including HR.You'll go into that meeting knowing what issues -- if any -- you will face.

"HR needs to know it doesn't impact any decisions you make about assignments, opportunities, promotions, windows offices, or the biggest or smallest favor you might imagine," says Varelas.

It is important, however, to ensure that you don't make assumptions about a person's abilities based on this information.

Your employees' health and abilities may be essential to getting the job done, but it's important to avoid assumptions and discrimination.

Prepare for the worst Yes, three in ten office romances end in marriage.

But that means the majority don't go that distance. " says Varelas, who says writing out a private memo on the subject, just for the two of you, may be helpful.

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