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As Harry is explaining that the Dementors are responsible, Petunia surprisingly shows she has some knowledge of the Dementors.

A second letter from the Ministry arrives stating that Dumbledore has convinced them to set up a hearing on 12 August to decide whether or not to break Harry's wand and Harry is being placed on suspension instead of being expelled.

The Weasleys, Hermione Granger, and Harry’s godfather Sirius Black are there.

When Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon notice Dudley in his sickly state they fawn over him and Harry attempts to slip away, but Dudley speaks and assumes that Harry attacked him with some sort of spell since Muggles cannot see Dementors.

After Harry explains to the Dursleys about the Dementor's abilities, Vernon blames Harry and is ready to throw Harry out, as he has always yearned to do so since receiving Harry, when Petunia receives a Howler.

Before she has an opportunity to open the letter, it bursts into flames and a menacing voice says, "Remember my last, Petunia".

Fred and George then appear magically through Apparition, revealing to Harry they passed their test, followed by Ginny walking into the room and tells the twins it is now pointless for them to spy on the meetings anymore.

The Weasley children reveal that—besides Severus Snape who has joined the Order—Bill and Charlie have also joined.

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