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Also on the list of online bad behavior: prescribing medication and lying about credentials. First of all, how is it fair that they get you to wear a smock with your tush hanging out and they get to play the "I'm a doctor" card?

And don't even get me started on how uncool it is for an OBGYN to ask you to spread 'em, and then decide he wants to ask you ask out.

With our integrated end-to-end solution, doctors are able not only to improve their online presence, but also to devote their time to what really matters: their patients.

, say that more and more medical boards are receiving complaints that doctors are asking their patients out online.

Children receive chocolate eggs (sometimes fruits and nuts, chocolate rabbits), from the Easter Bunny; these gifts are sometimes hidden in the garden or house.

SZTE is on the 42nd place on the European Green-list and it is the greenest university among the Hungarian higher educational institutions.(2) The official state holiday shall be the 20th day of August.Source: Memorial day of the 1848 Revolution (which aimed the independence of the Hungarian Kingdom from the Austrian Empire). Nemzeti dal) performed; many people wear a cockade with the national colours (red, white and green).National television channels broadcast orchestral and choral national anthem at midnight, and then the speech of the President. The next day streets are as empty as ever, and people sleep long (or sleep themselves sober).Lentils are eaten, symbolising coins for good luck.

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