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They are given no budget but only five minutes to collect materials, and are given only one day to complete the outfit.

Designers are challenged to design a prom dress for a group of 16- and 17-year-old girls from St. The girls, along with their mothers, pre-select the designers they want to work with based on the designers' portfolios.

Teams: The designers are tasked with creating an iconic look using deconstructed denim fabric and white cotton while also showing off the Levi's 501 legacy.

The designers are given three minutes to collect provided denim jeans and jackets and cotton fabric hanging from clotheslines in a storeroom; Notions such as buttons, rivets, and other fasteners are provided in the workroom. From this challenge forward, the winning designer would no longer gain immunity in the following challenge.

Highlights of the season are reviewed, including different designers' reactions to being eliminated, the judges' unaired reactions to the Raw Talent episode, as well as the remaining designers' wrestling diva alter-egos; personality traits of the designers such as Chris March's laugh, Ricky Lizalde's crying, Elisa Jimenez's offbeat personality, and Christian's repeated use of the word "fierce".

The four remaining designers are given five months and 00 to create a collection of twelve looks for Fashion Week.

They are given a budget of 0 and two days to create this look.

The winner, Christian Siriano, received prizes including: an editorial feature in Elle, 0,000 from TRESemmé to start his own line, the opportunity to sell a fashion line on Bluefly.com, and a 2008 Saturn Astra automobile.The new outfit must incorporate aspects of the now-thin woman's personality, as well as the designer's own style.Each designer is given to use for additional materials. Designers and Clients: Designers are to create a garment using any materials that were available at the Hershey's store in Times Square, New York City.The designers arrive in New York and are asked to create a garment that best reflects who they are as a designer.They are given 10 minutes to grab from ,000 worth of fabric in three tents set up in Bryant Park. The remaining designers are asked to create a two-piece garment for Sarah Jessica Parker's BITTEN line using of materials and only one day to complete their look.

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For the second piece, the designers have a budget of $50.

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