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In Angular JS based applications, the preferred way to communicate with server is using Angular JS built-in $http Service. Click on Edit for a user, user details should be shown on form. Now click on Update, user should be updated asynchronously.

Angular JS $http service allows us to communicate with server endpoints using XHR [browser's XMLHttp Request Object] API. Thanks to Angular JS Form validation, if you try to provide input which is not as per requirement, you will see validation errors like shown below.

So you need to refresh the page to reload the data.

Client side of our Application is Angular JS based.

These are javascript functions/objects which perform majority of UI related work. Request Method; @Controller @Request Mapping("/") public class Index Controller package com.websystique.springmvc.service; import We have also added bootstrap in our view to enhance it’s look & feel. Additionally, we will also perform required Form validation. The $http API is based on the deferred/promise APIs exposed by the $q service which is an implementation of Promise interface, based on Kris Kowal’s Q proposal, which is a standardized way of dealing with asynchronous calls in Java Script. You can of course adapt messages and presentation as per your project. If you like tutorials on this site, why not take a step further and connect me on Facebook , Google Plus & Twitter as well?To know more in details about Angular JS Services, please have a look at Server communication with Angular JS $http service. Jstl View; @Configuration @Enable Web Mvc @Component Scan(base Packages = "com.websystique.springmvc") public class Hello World Configuration extends Web Mvc Configurer Adapter package com.websystique.springmvc.configuration; import javax.servlet. Abstract Annotation Config Dispatcher Servlet Initializer; public class Hello World Initializer extends Abstract Annotation Config Dispatcher Servlet Initializer package com.websystique.springmvc.configuration; import I would love to hear your thoughts on these articles, it will help me improve further our learning process.

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