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in 2015, her father would buy her both Black and white dolls to create a “customized” representation of who she was.

And even though she found herself particularly pained by a census that only offered “white, black, Hispanic, or Asian” as options to define herself in seventh grade, notes that she has not “made an issue of being bi-racial.” As such, a very “light-skinned” Markle has been able to audition for white and Latina roles. sparked by the not-guilty verdict in the case against the officers who beat up Rodney King in 1991.

In addition to the hand-holding and smooching Harry also shared a happy bromance moment with former US president Barack Obama.

The 69-year-old has breast prostheses but only wears them if she is required to for a film role.

(It’s worth noting that Kate Middleton is also from a middle-class background and didn’t have to endure the same kind of scrutiny that Markle has.)But dating someone above most people’s class station is the only social and cultural boundary that Markle has crossed.

The reason that people are fascinated with her love story with Prince Harry is because of her identity, not the other way around.

Her unique identity has worked in her favour at some points in her life, and against her in others — like the racist language used to describe her in the press after her relationship with Harry became public.

Her life is a testament to convoluted Western racial politics and frankly, her engagement with them is more interesting and complicated than her relationship with a prince.

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Nothing revs up the hormones like a successful sporting event.

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