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Martin are probably the number one name to look for In Ukuleles, they are a byword for quality and, certainly for older models, command the highest price, (the new ones aren't cheap either).

Martin first made Ukuleles in 1907, (I have read they were made for Bergstrom the big Honolulu Music shop) but the early versions were apparently not very good because they made them too much like a Guitar however in 1916 they had another go, got it right and became probably the most influential Ukulele maker ever.

Until 1932 there was no logo on the front of the headstock just a stamp on the back, and after 1934 they took the stamp off the back.

In 1962 Made in USA was added to the sound hole stamp and the latest logo is embossed father than just a straight decal.

One thing though they seem to have gone back to having an S1 with no outer binding and no S0.

Whist they have restarted making Sopranos Concerts and Tenors there are no Baritones, Taropatches or Tiples, apart from custom options.

Mike Longworth is probably the most famous of these staff makers (though he did continue making Ukuleles after he retired from Martin) so there are some “almost Martins” outside of the official records and sometimes using different woods to mahogany or koa Goya was originally a Swedish brand of Guitar made by Levin.All the levels start with a T but the first one is the T-15, then a T-17 T-18 and T-28 and I think it was just a wood change that made for a different number.For example the difference between the T-15 and the T-17 is the T-17 has a rosewood bridge and the T-15 ebony.Unlike their Guitars and Mandolins, Martin never put serial numbers in their Ukuleles (apart from a few of the very early ones) so they can’t be dated as accurately as other Martin instruments, however there are lots of sites on the Internet that give a fairly full run down both of the history of Martin Ukuleles and all the tips of how to date them.- Is a good site so I won’t go into it all here apart from a couple of obvious things.

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