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The fact that 2.5% of the billion people on the internet are using Live Jasmin each month is pretty extraordinary. At -/hour with no benefits, it doesn't pay enough for American women… Most of the foreign women do it without the knowledge of their friends and family and only do it for Americans so that acquaintances in their homeland won't hear about it.

I am apparently not a very savvy consumer of internet porn, because I've never heard of Live

So there are nuances here, is my point – and there are ways that men in particular consume porn and consume sex that, even if you're pro-sex-work and sex-positive and have no desire to outlaw pornography, still merit the same kind of good hard look we cast on other pieces of popular culture.

The behaviour of men deserves serious scrutiny when we're talking about industries that are built largely to cater to their desires.

Basically, it's interesting that what men prefer the most is watching women strip on a webcam and being able to talk to them while they do, telling the women what they want to see.

But I still think they're shitholes for going to an economically struggling and spiritually wounded country so they can have sex with people who they believe have less of an ability to say no.

There's a reason that in a sea of free porn, so many men are drawn to a website where they (a) get to tell the women what to actually do, and (b) can very easily be under the impression that the women on the site are there out of financial necessity. Not because we don't outsource all kind of other shit and exploit folks in developing countries in far more destructive ways – we totally do that.

But there's an arms' length relationship when you buy shoes that were made in Indonesia that goes away when you're paying for sex. That isn't to say that paying for sex is always bad, but it is to say that in my ideal world, sex should be mutually pleasurable and consensual.

But when the most popular porn site on the planet isn't "here are people fucking in all kinds of cool/weird/freaky/fun/beautiful/ugly/confusing/terrifying/ohmygodwhatis THAT?! In our search data from English-speaking searchers (mainly Americans, Canadians, and British), blacks are the most popular ethnicity, followed by Asians, with no other ethnicity in the top 100 most popular sexual searches.

ways" but instead "here are underpaid women, some of whom are teenagers, performing according to male orders", we have a problem. I say "blacks" rather than African-American because "black" is the term people always use in their searches.

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I wonder how much of the thrill, for some men, involves the potential for exploitation – the power that comes from being able to pay a woman to do something for you, on your terms, that she might not do if she had a broader range of options. "; I've seen women trailing a few feet behind solo white dudes, the dude not even looking at her.

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