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Tape decks, Coca-Cola, and Mickey Mouse watches.” “Well, there is concern over the balance of trade. ” “The balance of trade.” He rolled it sardonically. For millions of years that kept the genes circulating. Teachers—they end cycling waste or pushing floaters, but they’re hooked. I saw one fine-looking old woman, she was servant to a Cu’ushbar kid. That wretch was swabbing up its vomit as if it was holy water. At first I thought it was an alien and then I saw it was a woman wearing an awkward body-shell. Behind her I could glimpse the dinner-bound throng passing the open door. Suddenly among the humans I caught a glimpse of two sleek scarlet shapes. I snapped the recorder shut and ran to squeeze in behind them. Man is exogamous—all our history is one long drive to find and impregnate the stranger. Anything different-colored, different nose, ass, anything, man has to fuck it or die trying. Because it works fine as long as the stranger is human. I’ve seen Earth missionaries, teachers, sexless people. ” Related: One True Pairing: 12 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Couples We Ship A side door opened and a figure started toward us. “The station employs only happily wedded couples,” he told me with that ugly laugh. I changed tapes hurriedly with one eye on the figures passing that open door. The man, poor bastard, he was trying to keep that Sirian bitch happy single-handed. I don’t know where he ended.” He glanced at his wrist again. But now we’ve met aliens we can’t screw, and we’re about to die trying. She flinched as he drew it over his arm and let him turn her passively, not looking at me. My wife appears fatigued.” I saw that one of her shoulders was grotesquely scarred. “Go home and tell them.” Then his head snapped back toward me and he added quietly, “And stay away from the Syrtis desk or I’ll kill you.” They went away up the corridor.Exophilia refers those individuals who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from extraterrestrial, robotic, supernatural, or otherwise non-human life forms (although I ought to point out that the only academic reference to exophilia is in Dr. In many ways, these types of sexual preferences could be described as totally impractical as the chances of making love to a ghost/spirit (i.e., spectrophilia), aliens, demi-gods, and/or a robot are arguably negligible.

Evidently the reason for this is not the scarcity of exophiles but the lack of extraterrestrials themselves” Supervert also makes the logical (and arguably obvious) points that because exophiles are never caught having alien sex, it suggests that either: (i) aliens don’t exist, (ii) aliens don’t make contact with anyone on earth, and (iii) if aliens do come into contact with humans they avoid those with exophilic tendencies (based on the fact that stories that are reported online or in the tabloid press always feature people having sex with aliens against their will). Related: 8 Books for Fans of “I scrooched over so my tunic hid it, and my spilled drink trickled down, making everything worse. “I just stared at her trying to figure out what had hit me. I wheeled around after her, and saw that some Sirians had come in. She reminded me of a goddamn dog that wants you to follow it. “The next thing was I had a horrifying hard-on just looking at her. Then she made an ‘ahhhh’ sound that had nothing to do with me and grabbed my forearm as if it were a railing. The woman said, ‘Excuse me,’ in a ridiculous voice and slipped out behind me. “The girl who’d left me was ushering them to a table. I was surprised about own many alien fetish sex sites are out there which partly shows how popular this type of paraphilic and/or fetishistic interest is.An online essay on alien sex by “Necromagickal” notes that: “The only ‘official’ reports of sex between humans and aliens derive from the lore of alien abductions.

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