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But the brief interlude with Valencia and the teen-suicide hotline worker also hints at a more memorable version of this song, one that’s less about bathroom double entendres and more about mocking Instagram culture’s facile takes on “issues.”Best line: “I’ve really gotta sh … ”" data-reactid="48"Given its early place in the show’s run, this dual parody of Ciara’s “Love Sex Magic” and Beyoncé’s “Partition” has more in common with Bloom’s days creating sex-tinged internet comedy videos than it does with songs about the challenges of casual sex, “Oh My God I Think I Like You” and “I Gave You a UTI” are clearly superior. / And then waited for a three-month window / And got tested again / Most people don’t know about the window”" data-reactid="50"Best line: “Have you been tested for STDs?

Unfortunately, the result doesn’t really interrogate Bob’s bad behavior, though it does poke at an interesting kernel of an idea about the appeal of other kids’ parents if you come from a difficult home.

Even the very worst entries would still be the envy of the You Tube parody culture from which Bloom emerged." data-reactid="18" has covered nearly every topic and musical genre imaginable, fearlessly mocking everything from hip-hop to punk-pop, on subjects both highbrow (the stigma of mental illness) and low (period sex).

Even the very worst entries would still be the envy of the You Tube parody culture from which Bloom emerged. A few ground rules: Because they would inherently rank low, songs under 30 seconds don’t count (which knocks out most of the reprises and a few mini-tunes like “George’s Turn”); the three theme songs do count; and in a few places, I’ve combined song cycles or duos into one entry for easier ranking.

I’m also taking into account the visual component of each song and the quality of the performances — if you’ve listened to the show’s soundtracks, you’ve surely noticed that a few of these tunes are sonic dead air without seeing what’s onscreen.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend puts into every last song, many of which I suspect will continue to resonate with viewers long after it’s off the air.

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