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In being introduced to the concept of the deep web, one fact always manages to baffle the masses: 96 percent of the internet is not indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing.

That means only a tiny portion of the World Wide Web is accessible to you through standard means.

This is the specific URL of your Facebook Messenger thread with a friend, or the Department of Justice’s public archival material, or Harvard’s internal communications system.

The deep web is the majority of the internet as a whole.

Google then scans the data and renders the content to send to Google’s index servers.

It contains a wide range of information and data, from the inner-dashboard of your bank account after you log in to private, password-protected websites to unlisted articles and videos that might be censored or blocked in certain countries.As such, the dark web is a place for people and activities who don’t want to be found through standard means.It’s complete with illegal trade markets and forums, hacking communities, private communications between journalists and whistleblowers, and more.You can use a simple Chrome or Safari to access these.The dark web requires a specific software program (the Tor browser) to do the trick, and it offers you a special layer of anonymity that the surface web and the deep web cannot.

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