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She would always say afterwards that it was only a fantasy and was intended to get me really going. I said that she told them, 'I can't choose between you, I fancy both of you' So they replied by saying, 'Well...

we're both up for it if you are'' With this she went into the most erotic and detailed whispered speech about how they all went back to a large modern house and she was slowly seduced with chill-out music, chilled champagne and two hot hunks in front of a roaring log-fire. ' And then she had the most intense and almighty orgasm I had ever known her to have.

(We had experimented with vibrators before, but this one was 10' long and very thick - and I'd been warming it up over the last 30 minutes under my body.) I had trapped it between my thighs so it took the place of my meagre six inches. She climaxed again and this time she fell over on her side and just cooed in ecstacy for about five minutes. She is a very slim and sexy 32 year old, whereas, I am a slightly over-weight 39 year old. It's her cool Natasha Henstridge eyes, her high cheekbones, crafted lips...

When I was positioned over the top of her I asked her, 'Did it feel anything like this'' As I slowly penetrated her with this monster inch by inch. Over the next few days I managed to get out of her that her major fantasy had always been to end up in bed with two well endowed men and be pleasured and fucked by both of them. and her perfect ski-jump breasts that drive me and men wild.

If I was, I'd be backing and working with Barack Obama to help him win.

I had to know what knickers she was wearing, so I asked her straight out.

She lent back on the kitchen block and announced, 'They're new and they're very sexy...

To be fair to Fry there are a lot of Arquettes, but it was Patricia who was attending in the hope of picking up an award for supporting actress for Boyhood (which she later did), so when Fry mentioned that an Arquette was in the audience the Mensa member really should have done his homework.

Viewers picked up on his mistake straight away and promptly made their thoughts known…

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